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Research Day: CSU East Bay Library - November 2, 2020 - 11:00 - 2:00.  

 Register to attend here

- Research Day flyer

- Research day plan for research


To Do your BEST RESEARCH, have the Following:

  • 1. A clear topic you are researching - write down the key words you will be searching for ahead of time.
  • 2. Have a way to save your research documents you may find in the library: with your computer, or a jump drive or have an email account that you can access from another computer so you can email yourself.
  • 3. Have a plan for research (bring this organizer with you for your research!) Are you going to look for magazine articles or newspaper articles or books or something else first?  
  • 4. Check out the History Day Library Guide that the librarians at CSU East Bay prepared for you - this should be your starting place:  http://library.csueastbay.edu/c.php?g=737705&p=5273536  
  • 5. Bring something to write on, like a notebook or binder with binder paper (not just your computer).
  • 6. Bring a snack to eat since there will be limited food places nearby.  
  • 6. Parent or Adult Needed to Check Out Books: If you plan to check out books, you will need an adult or parent over age 18 to complete this form and be present to check out books. 


Before Research Day

  • 1. Complete this plan for research (or something like it). Bring it printed to Research Day.
  • 2. Have parent or other adult fill fill out this form ahead of time if you will want to check out books from the library. Remember, it is your responsibility to return the books to this library.  

Parents, guardians, or teachers will need to pre-registrar using the form below so that they can check out books for the students – PLEASE SUBMIT THE FORM BY END OF DAY WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2019.  http://library.csueastbay.edu/usingthelibraries/services/community-borrowers


  • 3. Visit the CSU East Bay library catalog now and do a search for your topic to see how it works. (Click on "Advanced Search" and choose "CSUEB Collections". Type in your search term and click on the word "Search".  Those items that say "holdings" are books while other items are articles that you'll have to access in the library).
  • 3. Figure out which adult friend or parent that will check books out for you - and have them fill out this form ahead of time. 
  • 4. See the Research Document the CSUEB Librarians prepared for you and save to your computer.
  • 5. Please arrive on time. Parking can be found in Lot A off of "Loop Drive".  Parking is free on the weekends.  Here is a link to the Campus Map.  


CSUEB History Day Library Guide.

CSUEB History Library Guide




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