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History Day Volunteers


Volunteers have an opportunity to learn about history day while being part of the planning and implementation of County History Day. 

-- Register to be a volunteer here


There are many opportunities to help out and promote County History Day.  Here is a brief description of each of the following areas:


Day of History Day:  Registration Table, Judge Room Organization, Photographer 


Prior to History Day Event:


  • History Day Printed Program: Development and copy editing for day of event information
  • Signs: Signs and schedules are needed for the day of the event
  • Videography: Video the event and create a promotional video. Help create and end of day media presentation for awards ceremony.
  • Marketing/Promotion: Promotion prior to event. Contact media outlets to cover the event. 
  • Sponsors: Solicit sponsors of the event to defray the cost of medals and awards for students 
  • Scholarships / Awards: Develop more awards and/or scholarships for student projects and participation  
  • Other: Is there something else you think we need? Email us here.  




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