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Alameda County History Day Registration Information and Information About Websites, Historical Papers, Documentaries and Writing Your Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography


Questions or clarifications? Email Robdarrowhistoryday@gmail.com . 


Alameda County History Day will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 10:00am-4:00pm. 

Edna Brewer Middle School

3748 13th Ave. Oakland, CA 94610

Map to School


History Day Registration is Due by February 21. Registration in 3 Easy Steps:   


  • 1. School Registration Form completed by Teacher/Coach. (Download Excel Form to complete and email to Robdarrowhistoryday@gmail.com) . Due: February 21
  • 2. Student Registration Form. Completed by Student and Parent. Due: February 21. 
  • 3. Payment Form. Completed by teacher/coach or individual parent. Due: March 1. 


February 28 at Midnight Deadline:

  • Documentaries submitted via this online form.
  • Historical papers emailed in pdf format to: robdarrowhistoryday@gmail.com 
  • Website portal closed (Website URL was included in your school and student registration forms)
  • Website portal closed; Documentaries uploaded to Vimeo; Historical Papers Emailed.  Email links and papers:   



Detailed Information for Registration


1. School Registration Form (Excel Document. Time to Complete: 30 minutes). Due Date: February 21.   History Day coaches or some other adult should type information into the attached Excel document (Do not copy and paste from any other document – please type directly into this form or it will cause other problems). If you are entering as an individual, then you would fill out information for one person on this form.  Please DO NOT change the Excel document. This spreadsheet will be uploaded into a different system that will organize judging sheets and participation certificates, etc.  Make sure all information is correct and names are spelled correctly. Rename the document file name with your school name at the end (e.g. 2018 ACOEHDRegForm_Mendenhall).  Email completed document to robdarrowhistoryday@gmail.com.



2. Student Registration Form (Online Form. Time to Complete: 30 minutes).
Due Date: February 21.  Completed by student and parent.  Coaches may simply email this information to students or post on their own website.  Make sure you spell everything correctly (and know the names of other people in your group if you are in a group)!

Students and parents will need the following information:

  • ·      Formal name (name for certificate)
  • ·      Preferred first name (optional; "common name" you want us to use at the event)
  • ·      Address and phone number
  • ·      E-mail address (may use a parent email if needed)
  • ·      School and grade
  • ·      T-shirt size (Must fill this in if you want a T-shirt !!)
  • ·      Name of history day teacher / coach; school name
  • ·      Parent/guardian's name and e-mail address
  • ·      Medical insurance information (insurance company, insurance number)
  • ·      Doctor / doctor phone number


Note: You will receive a confirmation email when you submit your registration. If you see anything that needs correction, you will receive a link where you may edit your information.


Here is the link for the student registration form (Jot Form): https://form.jotform.com/80364705684159


3. Student Participation Fee/Payment (Online Form. Time to Complete: 10 minutes). Due Date: March 1. Participation Fee: $20 per student.  This may be paid as a school group or as an individual. Payment must be made by purchase order, credit card or check. Purchase order and credit card may be entered online via our secure server. If mailing a check, please include the student name on the check and mail to:  ACOE-History Day, 313 W Winton Ave.  Hayward, CA 94544.  Attn: Janice Medel. 



Click on “Tickets” for number of participants (if you have 24 students participating from your school, you would need 24 tickets). 

Enter your name and email.

Enter your school name and/or individual name if paying individually.

Submit payment.

You will receive an order number and “tickets” but will not need any printed tickets to attend. 


Participation Fee Website (EventBrite):  https://achistorydaypayment.eventbrite.com


Information About Websites, Historical Papers, Documentaries and Writing Your Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography


DEADLINES:  A reminder about these deadlines:


  • February 1-14, 2018 – School Contests 
  • February 21 (Wednesday) – County HD School Registration (Excel doc emailed back to Rob); Student Registration Online -https://form.jotform.com/80364705684159 
  • February 28 (Wednesday, midnight) – Websites closed; Papers submitted; Documentaries Uploaded. URLs and links emailed to Rob Darrow. 
  • March 1 (Thursday) – Student participation fees submitted via online system.   https://achistorydaypayment.eventbrite.com 
  • March 17 (Saturday) – County History Day


Email Format:  Information will need to be emailed to Rob Darrow (robdarrowhistoryday@gmail.com)  by midnight on February 28.  When emailing Rob with this information, please clearly label the subject line with the school and project (e.g. Documentary Links – Seniors - Crosspoint Academy). Emails can be from the history day coach or the participant.  



All emails to Rob Darrow with this information should be clearly labeled in the subject line with the school and project (e.g. Documentaries Links – Seniors - Crosspoint Academy).


The following categories are sent in prior to County History Day:


Websites (Feb. 28) (Website Information - ACOE):  History Day websites must be built on the NHD Weebly website (https://nhd.weebly.com/ ).  Students will have until February 28 (midnight) to update their websites. The website URL must be included in the registration forms on February 21.  Process paper and annotated bibliography are embedded in the website in pdf.


Papers (Feb. 28) (Historical Paper Info - ACOE): Historical papers must be emailed in PDF format (title page, process paper and annotated bibliography in one file) directly to Rob Darrow. File name for paper when emailing: LastName_FirstName_Jr or Sr Division 


Documentaries (Feb. 28) ( Documentary Info - ACOE):  Documentaries must be uploaded to Vimeo. The vimeo URL must be emailed to Rob Darrow by February 28. Process paper and annotated bibliography submitted to judges at County History Day. 


How to Write Your Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography







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