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At NHD-Ca - State History Day - Will you compete or participate?


Now that you have determined you will attend NHD-CA, will you Compete or Participate?

If you are going to “compete” then that means redoing and improving your project based on the judging sheets and feedback from your history day coaches.


First, check the NHD-CA schedule for your project.


Second, if you are going to compete, that means you will continue to improve your project. Create a timeline for what you will do.

  • Review your judging score sheets
  • Ask your teachers for feedback about your project. Talk with your families about your project. 
  • Make a list of things you want to do to improve your project and share that with your parent or teacher. Create your “History Day Improvement Plan” document. 
  • If you would like another set of eyes on your 2-page paper or Annotated Bibliography, you can email that to Rob Darrow, Alameda County History Day Coordinator. 
  • Increase your primary sources and interviews with experts about your topic. 
  • Talk with your school or public librarian about the primary source documents you are needing.
  • Go to a university library and talk with them about finding the primary source documents you are looking for.


Good luck and pay attention to the deadlines for your project!  Those of us in Alameda County are proud of you and your work!  



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